sexta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2007

Cape Verdean

Pois é, eis um email que anda circulando por aí (algumas palavras não estão escritas correctamente). Pena que não indicam o nome do autor.

  • Every Cape Verdean you meet is either related to you or related to someone you grew up with;
  • There is a Manny, Maria and Tony in your family;
  • Your family is over at your house all the time;
  • You are older than one of your uncles or aunts;
  • You have relatives who aren't really related to you;
  • When you go to Cape Verde 90% of the luggage you carry with you is not yours (presents and stuff your mother wants to go sell);
  • your parents feel the need to tell the whole world that you're going to CV and they give you mad shit to bring to their family;
  • You refer to the whole Island of Santiago as "Praia";
  • Every person you meet when you go to Cape Verde is either your cousin, aunt or uncle;
  • Your family insists their Island and hometown is the best place in Cape Verde;
  • Your parents' home is so clean and stylish that it looks like a showcase;
  • you have had a crush on a distant cousin, but since every cousin is treated like a first cousin you feel wierd about it;
  • You are forced to eat at every Cape Verdean home you go to;
  • Your family loves you passionately and would do anything for you, even if their poor they always find a way to help eachother out;
  • When your relatives meet eachother in public people think they're fighting because they talk too loud..but never realize it;
  • you and your friends think ordering a mocha at Starbucks is hilarious;
  • You greet your elders with a 'benson' and always refer to them as 'nha' or 'nho';
  • a family barbecue is more like a feast; chicken and fish on the gril and two tables loaded with food;
  • Everything you eat is seasoned; even the rice;
  • You don't know any of your relatives' real names because you grew up calling them by nick names that have no relation to their real names;
  • every family party consists of loud music, lots of food and alchohol; even if its a children's party;
  • Catchupa is like gold to you; (Oohh yesszzzz :))
  • You have eaten and drank corn in every form; camocha and piran(the hot drinks), kufungu, catchupa, xerem, pastel, and kuskus;
  • There is a man in your family cheating on his wife and its not a big deal;
  • There is living room and dining room in your house, which you are forbidden to enter unless there is a guest in your home;
  • Your relatives in Cape Verde dress better than you;
  • You are related to atleast one famous person in Cape Verde and you make a point of letting every other Cape Verdean know about it;
  • You have family you don't talk to;
  • You think Cape Verdeans are the most beautiful and sexiest people on earth,
  • You plan a trip to Cape Verde every year, but you can only afford to go once in every 3 years;
  • there's like 3 people visiting you from Cape Verde and no space, but u don't care because its family so they end up staying over;
  • Your parties end when the police come or when the sun comes up;
  • there's no such thing as 'quiet time';
  • of course in your childhood the concept of 'privacy' did not exhist;
  • you are laughing or smiling at every thing you just read because it's true. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Come on guys....... most of them are soooo damn true!!!!

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