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Inglês - Adjectivos

Adjetivos em inglês com exemplos


known for
conhecido por. Ex.: Jim Carrey is known for his participation in comedies.
limited to
limitado a. Ex.: The number of desks in this classroom is limited to 35.
located in
localizado em. Ex.: The store is located in a very quiet neighborhood.
made of
feito de (quando ainda vemos o material de que algo é feito). Ex.: This table is made of wood.
made from
feito de (quando não vemos no produto final o material de que ele é feito): Ex.: Plastic is made from oil.
opposed to
contrário a. Ex.: Everyone in my class is opposed to the death penalty.
patient with
paciente com. Ex.: Please be patient with me. I’m not feeling well.
pleased with (something)
feliz/satisfeito com. Ex.: I certainly was pleased with the test results.
pleased for (somebody)
feliz por (alguém). Ex.: You’ve passed! I’m so pleased for you!
polite to
gentil com. Ex.: Darling, be polite to your grandma.
prepared for
preparado para. Ex.: Do you think you’re prepared for the test?
protected from
protegido de. Ex.: The condom helps us to be protected from several diseases.
proud of
orgulhoso de. Ex.: He was extremely proud of his son.
qualified for
qualificado para. Ex.: Do you think Jason is qualified for this position?
related to
relacionado com; parente de. Ex.: His impatience is related to his financial situation. / Are you related to Paul?
relevant to
relevante para. Ex.: Do you have any experience that is relevant to this position?
remembered as
lembrado como. Ex.: He wanted to be remembered as an honest politician.
remembered for
lembrado por. Ex.: Shakespeare is best remembered for "Romeo and Juliet".


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